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A compassionate group of people in San Luis Obispo County, California are creating a village of tiny homes to benefit their homeless neighbors.

Right now they’ve completed their model 7′ x 16′ Cabin on Wheels which they are lovingly calling The COW.

The plan is to develop a sustainable tiny house community for their unhoused neighbors who are under-served and have fallen into homelessness.

The villagers will be building their own tiny homes on wheels with the help of their team of volunteers from the community. People can help out by donating and/or by helping to build by volunteering their time. And everyone involved will get to learn from each other while helping one another. For about $2,500 a cabin on wheels can be built for a veteran in need or other homeless person.

Hope’s Village of SLO: Tiny House Community for the Homeless


Images © Hope’s Village of SLO

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