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I’m excited about sharing this 8′ x 16′ tiny house for sale with you because the asking price is only $22,000 (update: SOLD). Plus it’s really cool, creative, and has some unique features.

Most notably it has a large honeymoon-style bathtub which is super rare in tiny houses on wheels. In addition it has a custom murphy style queen bed that you can flip up and down (and so you don’t have to use a sleeping loft at all).

You’ll also find a kitchen with an apartment size refrigerator, separate bathroom with RV flush toilet, a bench with storage, systems for multi-functional tables, built-in storage throughout, and more. It was built by Trekker Trailers.

A couple had it custom built by Trekker Trailers but they are now starting a family and are going to need more space so Trekker Trailers is helping them sell it. If you’re interested in buying it contact Andrew Bennett (the current owner/builder).

128 Sq. Ft. Honeymoon Tiny House For Sale


Image © TrekkerTrailers

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