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Meet the Karg Cabin — an eco-friendly off-grid cabin powered by the sun. It’s unique and compact design makes it great for an office, guest house, or micro home!

These honeycomb-shaped structures are built in Estonia and created from natural materials: wood, wool insulation, and straw panels. There are three varieties: The Karg cabin, the Karg sauna, and the Karg mini.

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Honeycomb-Shaped Home: The Karg Cabin

karg cabin

Images via Karg

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I’d like to share with you this prefabricated tiny hexagonal dwelling designed by Hivehaus. You could say it also looks like a honeycomb shaped house. Prefabricated models are built so you can have just one pod or add as many as you like. Each pod is 100 square feet and available with customizable floor plans.

The pods are delivered in panels making it easy for two people to construct the home. What you see below are three pods placed together to create a 333 sq. ft. home with one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen and living space.  The kitchen has a great multi-functional cabinet that tucks everything out of eye when you are not using it. And check out the fire wall. It’s a movable wall, like a door, with a fireplace that allows you to have it either inside or outdoors. What do you think of this tiny house design?

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Hivehaus Prefab/Modular Tiny Hexagonal Pods You Can Connect To Make Your Own Custom Home


Images © Hivehaus

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