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This is to announce a new TV series on Canadians living in tiny homes and other alternative houses too called HomeMade: Dwelling Differently. It’s a new four-part series premiering online and on TELUS Optik TV. It already started so you can already start catching up on episodes if you’d like.

The four-part series features Canadians doing home differently in BC and Alberta; individuals and families who have spent a great deal of time and energy to reimagine what it means to build a home within their environment and society.

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Canadian TV series on tiny house living (and other alternative homes) called HomeMade: Dwelling Differently

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Honda recently announced the IeMobi Concept. It is an autonomous mobile living room that attaches and detaches from your home. When parked, the vehicle becomes a 50-square-foot living or workspace.2

Honda IeMobi Self Driving Office Concept 001

Images via Honda

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This is the NestHouse tiny home. It’s built by Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland.

If you’re curious, it’s 25 square meters (269 sq. ft.) inside (including the loft space).

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The NestHouse in Scotland: 269-Square-Feet of Bliss!

The Nest House Tiny House

Images © Jonathan Avery

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Mandy Harris

Mandy Harris/Rock Mountain Tiny Homes

We hear it all the time…Why do tiny houses cost so much?

Folks on the coasts or in big cities (who could easily pay $400-900K for a home) typically understand it, but if you are from a more rural spot where you can get a regular home for $70,000, the cost of tiny house can seem exorbitant.

In order to help you see where all that money goes when a builder creates a tiny house for you to purchase ready-made, I’m relying on a great breakdown from our friends at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. Then we’ll compare that with a DIY-ers cost breakdown.

Rock Mountain starts by laying out its goals: an 8×16 tiny house with average finishes should cost $35,000, while a larger one with great finishes should cost $80,000.

But Why?
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The Milarepa Center is a Buddhist retreat in Barnet, Vermont.

In 2009 and 2010 the Center raised $17,000 to put towards their own tiny house on their property.

On their website it says that there are two people living in it and it’s been used for a retreat.

They’re planning to build and use more little homes so that their teachers have a place to stay. And it seems to be very cost effective so far.

Here’s a screen shot plus a video slide show of Milarepa’s new little cabin. I hope to bring you more pictures soon…

Milarepa Center's Tiny House Project

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This is Pat’s original cob house (not his current residence) — a few days ago he shared his story with us — click here to read it. He also has built teardrop trailers, which you’ll learn about on that page.

Over the years he has built more than 25 cob structures. I’ve seen only seen pictures but I can tell you they’re all beautiful and one of a kind. One day I’ll make it up to one of his workshops to get first hand experience.

So let me show you some pictures of his first one — it’s a 240 square foot tiny cob home.

Man, I love these!

After you check out these pictures, I’ll send you over to Cob Works so you can visit Pat and the rest of the crew.

Pat's Original Cob House

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