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This is the Holz Hisla Tiny House on Wheels by Baluchon. Holz Hisla means “little wooden house” in Alsatian.

This 20ft tiny home is inspired by the emblematic architecture of Europe. It even has a small chimney and a tiny little porch to give you a covered entrance. There’s even a storage bench you can sit on to enjoy your view. The living room has a sofa and a wood stove so you can stay warm and cozy. The loft ladder is stored by the door. You can use the flip-up tables to dine and the built-in shelves for storage. The tables can dine up to four people comfortably or you can fold it down to free up space.

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20ft Holz Hisla Tiny House by Baluchon

Holz Hisla Tiny House by Baluchon 001

Images © Baluchon

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