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Kent pointed this eBay listing earlier in the week and I couldn’t get over what a cool idea it is as a hobby house on wheels. There are so many people out there with hobbies and something like this would be of awesome use to them for MANY reasons…

  • More space for your stuff
  • A portable area to take with you to events
  • Light and small enough to be pulled by almost any vehicle
  • A portable office so that you can work anywhere?  Mobile backyard office?

This can be useful for so many different kinds of artists (music, painting, pottery, jewelry making, and so much more…). Not only does it provide extra space to store some of the tools you need for whatever is that you do but it also can be used as a place to display and sell your work at events. Add a simple awning with a neat wooden sign and you would be in business! Some outside shelves and fold out tables wouldn’t hurt to bring, either… Here are some photos from the eBay listing… Something like this seems very easy and affordable to put together. This one is built on a 5′ x 6′ two wheeled trailer (one axle). It has 2′ porches in the front and rear. Built with 2×4’s and plywood siding and painted barn red.

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Micro Hobby House on Wheels

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