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This is the Funkomatic Tiny Cabin by Hobbitat Spaces at Blue Moon Rising in McHenry, Maryland.

It’s built using mostly reclaimed materials and features a kitchenette, full bathroom, queen loft, and queen nook!

The little cabin is available to vacation in at Blue Moon Rising. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

The Funkomatic Tiny Cabin Built with Reclaimed Materials

Photos via Hobbitat Spaces

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This is a video tour of Hobbitat Spaces Tiny Houses at Blue Moon Rising.

You’ll get to meet Bill Thomas, the founder and designer at Hobbitat and designer/builder for Blue Moon Rising.

You also get to tour and learn more about how these unique reclaimed tiny homes are built using materials that have to be mined out of old buildings. This is what gives them so much character! Enjoy!

How Hobbitat Tiny Homes Are Built Using Reclaimed Materials from old Buildings!

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This is the Bella Donna Cabin built by Hobbitat Spaces.

This particular cabin sits among the trees at Blue Moon Rising in McHenry, Maryland, and you can rent it out for the night. If you love the quaint feel, get in touch with Hobbitat Spaces who built the home and ask about getting your very own. I really love the big open living area and kitchen with a great island for preparing food and eating with friends and family.

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Bella Donna Tiny Cabin on a Foundation by Hobbitat Spaces in McHenry, Maryland – You Can Vacation Here Too…

Funky Tiny Cabin on a Foundation... The Bella Donna Cabin by Hobbitat Spaces

Images via Blue Moon Rising

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