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This is a 108 square feet man cave tiny house!

From the outside, you’ll see a tiny bright blue structure on a gorgeous hillside. Take steps up to the back of the roof, which is flat, and you can recline and take in the stunning views of the ocean.

The home in entirely DIY, with another mud brick stairway which leads to the house. The structure is connected to the hillside with a row of skylight windows, to allow an “indoor/outdoor” feel. The owner dug into the hill and created a cave-like kitchen that looks like it’s a part of nature. The kitchen counter tops are granite slabs, the shelves are created out of Italian marble, and a nifty fireplace stands in the corner.

Across from the “cave kitchen” is the main house which includes an intricate pulley system which lifts his bed into the ceiling and lowers it at night. He also has a desk and various dressers for clothing, books, and entertainment. Watch the video below for a great tour of this amazing humble home.

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Hilltop Man Cave Tiny House Overlooks Ocean

Man Cave Tiny House 001

Images © Living Big in a Tiny House via YouTube

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