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This is the story of Nancy Park who finished her tiny house project earlier this year. She’s a 69-year-old single woman who spent FOUR YEARS building her 24ft tiny house on wheels.

Nancy works full time as an accountant so she’s been doing it on nights and weekends after taking a workshop back in 2013. After deciding on a shed style roof, Nancy bought a 24ft trailer from Ronco Trailers in San Diego and started building the tiny house right in her garage!

She did most of the work herself aside from getting help with the roof, electrical, and plumbing. It’s called the High Desert Tiny House and it’s now it’s available on Airbnb.

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Nancy’s DIY High Desert Tiny House! She Built it in FOUR YEARS on Nights and Weekends!

69-Year-Old Single Woman Builds Tiny Home in 4 Years on Nights and Weekends While Working Full Time!

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