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There’s a nice view of the door that I really wanted to show.

This thing is so cool!

So you’ve already seen Deek’s Hickshaw pictures..

Now check out his new video that he uploaded to YouTube yesterday.



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This is Derek Diedricksen’s Hickshaw Micro Cabin (circa 2010). Over ten years ago, I was really excited to see these photos in my e-mail today from Derek “Deek” Diedricksen.

Why so excited? Because he built this getaway mini cabin for under $200. Much of it was using recycled materials, too. So yeah, it’s the Hickshaw… a $200 Micro Cabin built by Deek Diedricksen.

I would love to have something like this to work, read, relax, and sometimes even nap in. Thanks for sharing this with us, Derek. Here are some newer (and older), as yet seen, photos of the cabin. Enjoy!

The $200 Hickshaw Micro Cabin

Hick Shaw Mini Cabin

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