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Back in 2010, over ten years ago, hard to believe, I was right here writing this blog post about creating music in a small space, specifically tiny houses. For me, my first instrument was the piano, but I always had my eye on the guitar, so today I enjoy paying both of those instruments.

But in my research back in 2010, over ten years ago, I ran into the djembe (JEM-BAY) which is a hand drum with skin covered over it. That’s when Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen commented and reached out to me about these and recommended one to me. I ended up buying the drum he recommended, still have it today, and enjoy it very much from time to time, especially with my son (who’s 2-years-old as I update this article).

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The Djembe Drum!

In 2010, I was seeking the most instrument simple possible and decided on a drum. But there are so many other instruments that can be enjoyed in small spaces. And with today’s technology, if you own a Macintosh computer (See: Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro), you likely have heard about a little program called GarageBand (it’s free and comes with all Mac computers and it’s awesome). If you have that, you can play just about any instrument on the planet with your very own software-based digital recording studio.

So here’s a djembe drum solo video that I picked out for you back in 2010 that ought to put a smile on your face… (enjoy!)

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