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This is a $12k tiny house listed for sale near Cumming, Georgia.

It’s a handmade travel trailer/camper that can be used as a guest suite, Airbnb, or traveling tiny home. It includes bunk beds, a shower, kitchen, fold-down table/desk, bench seat, and it was originally built in 2015. What do you think?

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110-sq.-ft. Tiny House Camper in Georgia For $12k

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This is a handmade gypsy caravan tiny house by Barry Howard.

It’s a rolling work of art built by Barry Howard out of Big Sur, California. What do you think? Pretty neat, right?

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$20k Handmade Gypsy Caravan Tiny House on Wheels  out of Big Sur, California

Handmade Gypsy Caravan Tiny House For Sale 001

Images © Barry Howard

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I just had to show you this video of a handmade caravan camper.

It might remind you of a tiny house on wheels only it’s a little easier to get around with it.

It’s made completely out of wood just like a normal tiny home. But this structure is placed on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Originally I showed you these back in January of 2012 on this post that you might remember.

If you’re an adventurer or off-roader, this is perfect. But even if you wanna stay put for a while, it’s actually detachable from the vehicle.

The Tonke Camper: A Handmade Caravan on a Sprinter


Image: YouTube/MyVan

I encourage you to watch the video below to learn how it’s built and how it works:

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