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Almost two years ago I showed you this Japanese inspired tiny zen cabin in the woods.

Recently Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies went out to visit the owner/builder to create a video tour and interview based on the home.

Brian Schulz is the owner/builder of the cabin and he built it completely by hand for just $11,000 and about a year and a half of free time.

The home has a 14′ by 16′ footprint. He milled most of the wood himself right on site and used mostly recycled materials to complete the house.

Hand-made Tiny Zen Cabin in the Woods

Simple, Japanese Inspired Tiny House / Zen Cabin in the Woods

“It’s my dream for what I think living should look like,” says Brian.

I encourage you to enjoy the interview and complete video tour of this Japanese-inspired tiny zen home below:

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