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This is a Habitat for Humanity Restore Tiny House in Australia that was built and sold as a charity auction. It all started at the first ever Tiny House Festival Australia which is happening again in 2020, don’t miss it.

It’s a contemporary tiny house on wheels with a living area, full kitchen, bathroom, and a storage staircase to the loft. It’s approximately 4 meters in length (13ft) by 2.4 meters in width (8ft). The moment you walk in, the shower is to your left, there’s a closet to your right, step forward to the kitchen and staircase to the sleeping chamber. What do you think?

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Habitat for Humanity Victoria Australia Builds A Tiny House

Habitat For Humanity Builds A Tiny House via Tiny House Festival Australia 001

Images via Habitat Victoria/Tiny House Festival Australia

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Habitat for Humanity Cabarrus County in Concord, North Carolina, just completed the first tiny house of its kind in the state, possibly nationwide. Weighing in at 488 square feet, the one-bedroom house is handicap compliant with a wheelchair turning radius in every room, and built to high energy efficiency standards.

“It all started a couple of years ago when I started looking for an alternative for myself to the 1750 square foot home I currently own,“ says Shirley Kennerly, Family Services Coordinator for Habitat Cabarrus. While researching smaller homes, she stumbled across the tiny house concept and was intrigued. Not only did she find a dwelling alternative that will suit her needs eventually, but found an answer for an applicant population consisting mostly of older singles and couples on fixed incomes. Shirley had to decline these applicants more often than not, due to very low income.

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Tiny House, Big Impact

Habitat for Humanity Tiny House in Cabarrus County, NC

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