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This is the adorable Vardo-Style 26′ Pioneer Tiny House built by Tiny Idahomes for their customer Ella. It was designed to her tastes, complete with a loft bedroom and Jacuzzi tub!

It has a large living room area with robin’s egg blue wainscoting, and a spacious kitchen with tons of under-the-stairs storage. Ella’s build is based on the Pioneer model from Tiny Idahomes.  This upgraded version cost $55k.

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Her Tiny Idahome Looks Like A Vardo Wagon!

Gypsy style 26’ Pioneer Tiny Home 011

Images via Tiny Idahomes

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I’m honored and thrilled to show you Jerry & Rene Larson’s expanding 222 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels. It’s 24′ long and 8’6″ wide with two functional slide-outs to expand your space inside. This tiny home is 12′ high at the roof’s peak and has a chimney with an additional 6-8″ height.

Jerry & Rene designed and built this amazing tiny house themselves during their spare time over the course of a little over a year. Rene wants to move into it, but Jerry thinks they should sell it! So if you’re seriously interested in this one-of-a-kind gem of a tiny home, you might have a chance to buy it from them. Update: I just spoke with Jerry on the phone, and he and his wife are currently living in it. 🙂 For now please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

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222 Sq. Ft. Tiny House with Slide-Outs

Tiny House Woodland Web-1

Images © Jerry and Rene Larson

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