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I’ve told you about Jenna and Guillaume of Tiny House Giant Journey before. Last time I got to share their new DIY tiny home with you thanks to Deek over at RelaxShacks.com.

Today I’m glad to tell you that they’re successfully on their way towards touring across the nation in their tiny house on wheels that they built themselves. And did I mention, they’re taking their 1- year-old Australian Shepherd with them? Yes! And the dog loves the loft and is able to climb up there with no problem.

Their 132 sq. ft. tiny house was built using Tumbleweed Cypress plans and a Tumbleweed Trailer which cost them between $25,000 and $30,000 in total to build. And they’re towing the house at a maximum of 50mph as they travel the United States and Canada. You can see their complete route and possibly meet up with them here.

Couple Traveling Nation with their DIY Tiny House on Wheels


Image © Nick Graham Staff/Dayton Daily News

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