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This is a guest story by a Tiny House Talk reader and now a DIY builder who built her own debt-free tiny home

Why in the world would a female member of AARP who has never built a thing in her life attempt to teach herself the skills necessary to build a tiny house?

There are a great number of people talking about tiny houses these days. That was not really the case when I got the idea for my tiny home. My idea stemmed from a logical practical need.

It didn’t begin as some magnificent business plan. It began quietly and simply, a possible solution to a very big and very real need. I’m not an architect. I’m someone who has spent her life seeing problems solved with common sense and perseverance.


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This article on Golden Eagle Cottages are in Trinidad, CA is a Guest Post by Minette Lemieux Dunn (Submit Yours Here)

I stayed at a “cottage” in Trinidad, CA that I think with a few minor modifications (a closet for clothes) would make a perfect little house.

Bed was on rollers and they had a sky light in the middle of the room so you could roll it out and look up at the stars.

Here are a few pictures I took.

The place was called Golden Eagle Cottages, you can find them on Trip Advisor but their pictures aren’t as detailed of the inside like mine.

I would guess the cottage to be 400 – 450 sq. ft., not including the front porch/deck.

Tiny Cottage You Can Vacation In (In Trinidad, CA)

Tiny Cottage in Trinidad, CA

© Minette Lemieux Dunn

Check out and enjoy the rest of the tour of this tiny cottage below:

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