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Here’s a 150 sq. ft. cabin in Encinitas, California I thought you might enjoy. The first level is 120 sq. ft. and then there’s a 30 sq. ft. loft for sleeping. It’s available as a vacation rental so I’m excited to add it to our tiny house vacations section.

When you go inside, you’ll find all of this carefully packed into 150 square feet:

  • Full bathroom with shower and composting toilet
  • Kitchenette with mini fridge, sink, hotplate, toaster, and coffee maker
  • Living room with comfy couch

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Tiny House Vacation in Encinitas, California

Tiny Cabin Vacation

Outside there’s a deck you can hang out in with elevated ocean views (see below):

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The couple that own this caboose micro guest house also own a 800 square foot small house that was originally built in 1902. Since it’s a two bedroom home, and the wife is an artist, they still needed more space for when they have guests over.

So they found this caboose on Craigslist. It’s 7’x10′ so about 70 square feet of space. Eventually they have plans to add a tiny bathroom (or a separate outhouse) along with proper plumbing for water and sewer. Now they’ve got themselves a micro guest house for when they have visitors It’s also a perfect little backyard getaway from the spouse (lol). So how would you use it if it were yours?

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Couple’s Micro Caboose Cabin on Wheels


I’d love to use as a writing space, micro office, backyard getaway to read, or even permanently attach it to a trailer for camping/traveling. How about you?

Enjoy the rest of the tour below:

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How can you not like this modernized tiny cottage of just 250 square feet with a sleeping loft in Seattle?

It’s built by Michelle de la Vega who is an artist and designer in the area. Do you agree when they say the cottage is modern and rustic? I do.

My favorite part about it is how everything about it seems ‘normal’ sized even though it’s just 250 sq. ft. which I think might be important when sharing space with others for long periods.

It has a wood burning stove, big french doors and a large bathtub you can get wrinkly in while rejuvenating.

250 Sq. Ft. Seattle Mini Cottage

Little Modern Cottage in Seattle

Images: Boutique Homes

I encourage you to come on in and take the complete tour below:

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I had the chance to capture this tiny pink guest cottage in Florida a few days ago and wanted to share it with you here.

The owner didn’t have the exact dimensions but it’s definitely less than 500 sq. ft. and she was nice enough to let me take pictures inside and out for me to share with you.

This is what I call a grandfathered-in tiny cottage here in Florida because you can no longer build this small in this seaside town.

The cottage is also rare because it hasn’t been added onto like most of the ones that are still around in the area. It’s pretty much in its original state besides general upkeep and maintenance throughout the years.

Tiny Cottage in Florida

Tiny Pink Guest Cottage

Photos by Alex Pino

I only wish they still built homes like this today instead of the oversized cookie cutter homes we normally see being developed around here.

Anyway, I encourage you to enjoy touring the rest of this beautiful tiny house on a foundation below:

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