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Today this couple is busy renovating a traditional 500 sq. ft. small home that they recently bought. It’s a very old home (over 100 years old!) so they tore it down and are building again from scratch.

Cool, right? But it gets better because before that they had sold their previous home (and all of their stuff) and they renovated and then lived in this tiny Airstream for 18 months. And that’s what I’m showing you here now.

And if you want you can even rent this exact ‘Eco Airstream’ using Airbnb. It’s in Alameda, California and can accommodate up to two guests. This travel trailer has been completely remodeled with solar power, clay walls, LED lighting, a waterless composting toilet, full kitchen, shower, and more.

Couple’s Renovated Eco Airstream Travel Trailer


Images © greenrvlife/ystudiophotography

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