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Yestermorrow Sustainable Building School is located in Warren, Vermont and offers various hands-on courses in sustainable design, construction, woodworking, furniture making, green building, and more. It has been operating as a non-profit organization since 1980.

They offer 1-day to 10-week intense courses taught by top architects, builders, and craftsmen. They also have certificate programs for woodworking, sustainable building and design, and natural building. This is a place I would absolutely LOVE to spend some time in. Here is an example of just some of their course offerings…

  • Green Development Best Practices (3 days)
  • Build an Earthen Oven (2 days)
  • Home Design/Build (12 days)
  • Solar Design (2 days)
  • Green Remodeling (2 days)
  • Community Design/Build (12 days)
  • Put the Fab Back in Pre-Fab (5 days)
  • Wind Power (1 day)
  • Green Building Materials (2 days)


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