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A while back, you met Theresa when she gave you a tour of her tiny house (or studio) in California.

As you may not know (yet) her true passion lies in shaking her booty.

But she wasn’t always living the simple life. At one point, like most of us, she had a house full of stuff and lots of furniture. Obviously, all of that has changed.

Sort of like me, she simplified her life so that she can chase her passion instead of trading hours for dollars at a job she didn’t truly gain fulfillment from.

Recently she’s followed up with a couple of new videos to share with you guys.

The first is on how to craft or do art in small spaces and the other is a follow-up on getting rid of her stuff.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy both right here… Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Getting rid of your stuff with Theresa

Again if you haven’t watched the original tour of her studio just click here to watch. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Theresa!