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Back when we first told you about Getaway House, there were only a few homes in three different locations on the East Coast. But the concept of private, internet-free tiny homes where you can escape the demands of every day was so popular, the company now has plans for 800 tiny homes in 16 locations. Just recently, they opened their 16th location in Moodus, CT!

It all started when Jon Staff and his dad built three off-grid cabins and put them on a plot in New Hampshire. The tiny homes sold out almost immediately, and Staff realized they were on to something. The cabins themselves are incredibly simple, with either a queen bed for two or two queens (one lofted) for four. There’s a little kitchenette, shower & toilet, and a firepit outdoors.

They welcome you to put your devices in their lockbox and truly unplug from it all, just enjoying nature (and maybe whoever you’re staying with). My husband and I actually spent a weekend in one of their New Hampshire cabins a couple of years ago, and I shared some photos below.

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These Tiny Internet-Free Cabins are Gaining Popularity

Getaway House Now Has 800 Cabins Country-Wide 12

Images via Getaway House

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This is the story of two friends who placed dozens of tiny houses in the Virginia woods. It’s called Getaway Shenandoah. But they have now expanded to many other areas.

Faircompanies takes us directly to the scene where you can experience it for yourself in the video below.

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Friends build dozens of tiny houses in the Virginia woods

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This is the second tiny house to come out of the Harvard Innovation Lab.  They call it The Lorraine and it’s 160 sq. ft.

Built and designed to be a writer’s retreat that’s located in Southern New Hampshire near Lake Sunapee.

When you go inside you’ll find that it functions like a studio with an open living area, kitchenette, and large built-in desk that spans from the kitchen to bedroom. There is also a cozy queen size bed and bathroom with shower and composting toilet.

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Start Up Group at Harvard Designs 2nd Off Grid Tiny House

lorraine harvard tiny house

Images © Getaway House

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This Harvard start up for tiny house living is a guest post by Pete Davis – share yours

I am Pete Davis, one of the co-founders of Getaway, the first and only tiny house startup to come out of Harvard University’s Innovation Lab.

We build tiny houses, place them on beautiful rural land and rent them by the night to city dwellers looking to escape the digital grind and test-drive tiny house living.

We just launched our first Getaway house in the Boston area. We call it The Ovida.

“Ovida was dear to us; the Grandmother of any kid’s dreams. She loved without limit and doled out snacks to help us sit still in church. It was by her side that we first learned to play solitaire and how to cross-stitch. She carried us to her own bed when we fell asleep on the couch, and she cooked up the meanest lefse in the Midwest. Ovida’s house was our Getaway growing up, just as we hope The Ovida can be your Getaway now.” – Getaway

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Harvard Tiny House Lets You Experience Tiny Living


Images © Getaway House

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