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Earlier this year I showed you NASA’s former senior architect’s Cricket RV trailer.

Well, Garret Finney is at it again! This time he’s working on an even smaller micro camper.

It’s called the Firefly. And it’s something that can be used for camping trips and traveling.

But it can be more than just a weekend camper too. I’ll explain below.

Introducing: The Firefly

Firefly Micro Camper

Finney thinks the Firefly can be used in industrial and disaster-relief situations as base camps in areas with little to no infrastructure or where systems have been temporarily compromised as well.

I’d rather see people like you and me using them for lightweight and fun travels though. Anyway let me show you more of Garret’s modern take on the vardo which you can put on a small utility trailer, in the back of your pick up truck or on its legs (yes, it has legs).

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