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Mary and her husband reached out to show off their amazing 371 square foot garage-turned-tiny-house. The couple wanted a vacation spot on the pricey Coronado Island in California, so they bought the “big home” and then spent $25,000 renovating the adjacent garage into their holiday home.

The result is a sleek and modern one-floor apartment just minutes away from bars, beaches and beauty! While Mary did this so as a vacation property, it’s not a bad idea for your full-time residence depending on permitting rules. You could easily cover a mortgage payment by renting out the main house, and enjoy a tiny “rent-free” life in the garage! What do you think?

Enjoy the photo tour below. Thanks for sharing, Mary!

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Sleek & Modern 371 Sq. Ft. Garage Conversion

371 sq ft Garage Turned Tiny Home on Coronado Island, Ca 2

Images via Mary

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