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Ronald was looking for a UFO-inspired dwelling that he could use as an Airbnb on his property. He came across the “Futuro Homes,” originally designed by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as portable ski chalets. There are fewer than 60 still standing in the world, but Ronald managed to track one down and purchase it.

Transporting it and getting it set up on site wasn’t an inexpensive venture, but at this point Ronald has broken even and is now saving up to expand his futuristic glamping hub. “Area 55,” as he calls it, is overwhelmingly popular. He is booked out to December of 2022!

The UFO is an off-grid vacation, with an outdoor BBQ patio, a mobile bathroom (with flushing toilet) and an outdoor shower. Enjoy Jenna’s interview and tour with Ronald below.

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Area 55: Futuristic Tiny House Airbnb

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