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This is a Suzuki Samurai ‘Jeep’ w/ a rooftop tiny house!

I suppose it’s sort of like a teardrop camper, only it’s built right onto the roof of the car.

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Dually Suzuki Samurai ‘Jeep’ with a Rooftop Tiny House/Shed?!

Suzuki Samurai Jeep Spotted with a Rooftop Tiny House or Shed

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This is a funny video by Rhett and Link who are famous comedians on YouTube. In this episode of their Good Mythical Morning show they talk about the tiny house movement. And they ask their viewers the question, could you live in a tiny home?

Rhett seems to pretty interested in and excited about the tiny house movement while Link is amused but pretty skeptical about it. So I thought you might enjoy watching. It’s definitely different than normal tiny house videos because these guys are just funny. They also show you a few tiny houses in the video (below) too.

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Rhett and Link: Could You Live in a Tiny Home?


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The people over at Buzzfeed set up a fun video experiment where they have a few different people trying to live in a 112 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels.

It’s on an 8′ x 16′ trailer. Inside there’s just about 6′ x 13′ of space plus an additional 8′ x 6′ sleeping loft.

BA spent about $25,000 to build this house. Fortunately, she was able to build it herself so she saved over $20,000 in labor costs. If she had to pay for labor, the home would’ve normally cost her nearly $50,000.

People Trying to Live in a Tiny House


Please enjoy, watch, laugh, and re-share below. 🙂

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