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Have you ever wanted to RV travel full-time, even if only for summer? Or maybe for even longer than that?

If you’ve been interested in possibly buying or building your own travel trailer or custom tiny house that would allow you to easily travel the country, then Macy Miller might be able to help because she’s been doing it – with her husband, her kids, and their Great Dane!🐕

Well, Macy is super excited because this is her newest course! It’s a compilation of lessons learned from living and traveling (full time) in their 84-square-foot self-built camper. In it, you can expect information on how to find the best places to stay, how to handle utilities, and – of course – tips on how to navigate and manage your relationships, children, and pets while on the adventure. It covers all of that and more. If this is something you’re interested in, please read on to learn more or go ahead and jump over to Udemy where Macy offers the course. It’s on a special launch discount right now so it’s a great time to get it.

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A Comprehensive Guide to a Mobile Lifestyle

Macy Miller releases course on how to RV travel full-time even with family

Image © Macy Miller

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The Story of How I Live in My Tiny House Full Time – by Shirley Loomis

Living in my tiny house on a full-time basis actually was an evolutionary process, and truth be told, is still occurring.

The first part came when I took a critical look at the stuff I owned and decided what to keep and what to discard. Even what I kept had qualifiers.

Much of it was items I did not always want to have out on a full-time basis. Some things were seasonal and therefore did not need to be openly available at all times.

Full Time Living in my Tiny House


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