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This is the story of Tyler who is an engineering grad and the tiny house that he built for only $15,000 USD thanks to the help of friends, family, and recycled materials. Isn’t it pretty cool that tiny houses on trailers can be an inexpensive and mobile housing option?

Update: Of course, it’s 2021 now, and today, this tiny house would probably cost much more to build because of the rise in lumber prices and other building materials.

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Tyler’s $15k Tiny House Built Debt-free

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This group of friends decided to leave their cramped apartments in NYC, Chicago, and Raleigh to meet in a tiny town 40 minutes away from Portland, Oregon to build a tiny cabin together.

The goal was to fulfill their shared dream of building a cabin in the woods. So when they got there, they worked for six days building a 200 sq. ft. tiny cabin and got it the shell done for about $6,000.

For six days, we worked to turn a small clearing situated in a stand of stately Douglas Firs into a place of our own. Our fearless leader, a builder by trade, had the right experience to guide the project. But the rest of us were total novices. The project consumed 264 two-by-fours, ~40 working hours over 6 days, 3,000 photos, and about $6,000 (excluding the land we built on). We left Oregon convinced that there is no better way to spend a week with close friends — a cabin build will beat a week in Cancun every time.” — The Builders (Mac Bishop, Geoff King, William Dickerson, and Aaron Flack​)

Friends Build 200 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin in 6 Days for $6K


Images © Aaron Flack and Mac Bishop

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