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LaMar over at Simple Solar Homesteading has created these simple structures specifically designed for emergency shelter, homeless housing or off-grid living. He’s offering them for FREE which is super nice!

The Stealth 64 is an 8×8 off-grid cabin which is easy to put up and take down, while the Shepherd Wagon (6’8″ x 8′) would fit on a Lowe’s or Home Depot 5×8 trailer (or be build on skids/casters).

If you’re looking for a simple housing solution, this could be just the thing! Both of these are also useful as sheds, outdoor offices, hunting cabins, etc. Get your plans here!

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FREE Emergency Shelter Plans (Cabin & THOW)

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In this post I’m showing you a one of a kind 765 sq. ft. cottage near the beach for sale that was built using plans from The Small House Catalog.

It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and sits on a 7,900 sq. ft. lot on the coast of Washington.

One of the bedrooms is downstairs and the other one is upstairs with some extra loft space too.

There’s a covered front porch and a sun deck in the back that faces a small garden with blueberries, flowers, asparagus, and more.

765 Sq. Ft. Small Cottage for Sale Near the Beach


Images © Shawn and Jamie Dehner

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One of our readers (thanks Crystal!) showed me this jewelry armoire that doubles as a mirror. It’s designed to be mounted right onto the wall so it can save you lots of space.

I think it’s perfect in the bathroom of any small space. Whether it’s a tiny house, cottage, cabin, apartment, studio, or really just about any bathroom or bedroom…

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Mirror Storage – Great For Adding Storage And Function to Small Spaces (Bathroom, Tiny House, Bedroom, Etc.)


Learn more and see the inside of it below (plus link to free plans on a cheaper way on to DIY):

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