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Tiny Writing Cottage Guest Post by Barbara Techel (Award-winning author/Advocate for dogs with IVDD (disc disease) and dogs in wheelchairs/Founder of National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day)

Twelve steps is all it takes from the patio doors of my bedroom to the writing cottage where I spend much of my time.

This place of my own where I can write, read, retreat, relax, sit in stillness, create and dream. Built with the loving and skillful hands of my carpenter husband, John, he dubbed it Myspace.calm when it was complete. It was then that I realized he truly understood how important this is to me.

Here is where I wrote my two children’s books (including Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog) and my memoir about my dachshund, Frankie, who was in a wheelchair due to paralysis from a disc disease. I also founded National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day in her memory and started The Frankie Wheelchair Fund. To date, the fund has granted 30 wheelchairs to paralyzed dogs in need.

Six large windows surround my writing desk so I feel as if I am out in nature. A small half-moon shaped window with a stained glass rendering of my second dog, Joie who was also in a wheelchair, makes me smile each time I look up from my laptop.

It is in this space that I share my heart through writing for my blog, Joyful Paws. It is here that my constant companion at my feet is my dachshund, Gidget. It is here that I find solace and dream of new adventures and projects. It is here that I am authentically me.

Author Barbara Techel’s Walk ‘N Roll Tiny Writing Cottage


Images © Barbara Techel

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