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Paul Villinski is an American artist who turned an ordinary FEMA trailer into a solar- and wind-powered studio. He’s dubbed it the Emergency Response Studio. You’d be able to live and work in it.

They took a used FEMA trailer and completely re-did it with green materials and creative ideas. With all of the solar panels and the wind turbine there’s enough to power everything. One of my favorite features is the sun room, which you won’t find in any RV.

In addition, I’ve never seen a trailer with so much open space. On one side there’s a pop out with clear finish (twin-wall polycarbonate) so light comes through easily. The “sun dome” on the opposite side has a wall that folds out completely and and gives you instant outdoor space.

This can be used as a small stage for speaking, display area for merchandise or simply a deck. So let’s check it out. Here’s Paul next to the finished product.

FEMA Trailer Turned Off-Grid Solar Cabin

FEMA Trailer Turned Into Solar Powered RV Dubbed Emergency Response Studio

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