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This is the story of a father/son who built a $15k tiny cabin.

It is off-grid and located over a mile from the nearest road.

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Father and Son Build $15,000 Tiny Cabin in the Woods

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This is the story of a father/son duo who built their own heated tiny bunk house cabin for only $160 in materials!

The reason they were able to do it for so little money is that they have their own portable sawmill on the property so they are able to harvest their own wood. On top of that, they used reclaimed materials for their windows, door, furniture, furnace, and other items.

They built this little bunk cabin to house their tools (and themselves) while they build a larger log cabin on the property. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Father/Son Duo Build a $160 Tiny Bunk House Cabin!

Father and Son Build 160 Dollar Bunkhouse Cabin 001

Photos © The Outsider via YouTube

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This is the story of a father/son’s Big Blue Bus Conversion.

Now the son is traveling the United States in it!

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Father/Son’s Big Blue Bus Conversion

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This tiny cabin built by father and son for sale is a guest post by Henry Marmol

My son Nick and I built a semi tiny cabin in Wisconsin which can be used as a park model style home or can be placed on private land. The cabin is 14 x 20 with a loft space. This home is not on wheels so ideally it would be moved only once in order to keep costs down.

During the time we spent building the cabin we really became aware of the tiny house movement and it inspired us to build something small but with normal framing that is built to last and hold its value much like a regular home so that it can also be a long time investment that will increase in value and not decrease in value as most park models or trailer homes do.

Father/Son Built 392 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin For Sale


Images © Henry Marmol

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This is the incredible story of a father and his son who set the audacious goal of building a tiny pioneer-style log cabin, in Alaska, in only 15 days.

Is it even possible to do that? Well, I suppose we will find out, but this old boy and his son sure think they can, and you know what, who’s stopping them? Enjoy below and who knows, you may learn a little something about logging.

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Father/Son Building Log Cabin Together


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