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This family of 5 was living in Pennsylvania when parents, Cassidy & Dawson, said they heard God tell them to move to Tennessee. At the time, they had no family there or any connection to the state. It just so happened that Dawson’s parents were also planning a move to Tennessee! They ended up finding their tiny house in Maine, driving it to Pennsylvania and then moving it another 12 hours down to their spot in TN.

Once they arrived, Dawson discovered he really enjoyed woodworking, and decided to make a business out of it. Now he sells hand-built sheds and chicken coops, built right outside their tiny house. The couple have three children together — Tabitha, Deborah and Peter. So cute!

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PA Family Bought ME Tiny House & Moved to TN!

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This family loved camping, but rain tended to wash out their vacations. That’s when they got the idea to purchase a tiny house and lease land as a permanent vacation location. They bought their house of Wind River Tiny Homes.

It’s a truly gorgeous tiny house inside, with tons of complementing wood tones and copper accents that make it feel warm and cozy. The sound of the rain on the tin roof is especially soothing. There’s a loft for the three kids, and then the parents have their own secluded loft as well.

Wait until you see the amazing shower stall! Check out the video below.

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Family of 5’s Awesome Wind River Tiny Home

Copper & Wood Tone THOW for Family Vacations 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the latest custom tiny house built by Tiny Treasure Homes in Arizona called “The Williams.”

This very special custom tiny house built by Tiny Treasure Homes went to a young family with two small children. Dad works from home and they plan on traveling the country “being at home wherever they go”. The house has two lofts, large private office space with separate outside entrance, huge bathroom with tub, shower, Sun-Mar electric composting toilet, two vanity/medicine cabinets. The kitchen has a full-size refrigerator, washer/dryer combo, lots of storage and counter space plus much more. It’s second to none and provides Tiny House Living at its finest.

Enjoy the picture tour below! If you want a home like this one, check out Tiny Treasure Homes.

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The Williams: Young Family’s Tiny Treasure Home

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