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It can be tough to fit a family into a skoolie, especially when you have elementary-age children. But these parents created a really special space in their bus for the kids — each one has a private bunk and underneath there’s a private desk, TV, gaming console, and storage for their things, so they have a mini “room” within the larger bus. There are even seatbelts in there, so the kids can hang out on travel days. Wait until you see it!

In order to make space for higher bunks, they raised the roof 18 inches. Another unique feature of the bus is that they moved the door to the middle of the bus, which allows for a super-long couch that goes right up to the dash. Tell us what you love most in the comments!

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Super Cool Family Skoolie w/ Full-Sized Appliances

This Family Skoolie Has the Coolest Kids’ Bunkroom!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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When his Marine life ended abruptly, Johnny and his wife, Shiang-ling, jumped into converting an amazing school bus into their home-on-wheels. It’s been more than two years now, and the family of six is still enjoying their mobile lifestyle.

As one of 11 kids himself, Johnny took great care to make sure each of his kids has special space for their personal belongings — from a desk with hidden storage, to their own bunks with little fans, movable lights, and under-bed clothing storage.

Shiang-ling is a budding herbalist and studying permaculture, so their bus home has all kinds of room for her tinctures, canning, and cooking. You’ll love the video tour done by Tiny Home Tours, which you can watch below! Follow the family on Instagram.

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Retired U.S. Marine Builds His Family of 6 a Bus Home

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