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I absolutely love seeing families downsize from “regular” American homes to itty bitty spaces and seeing them truly enjoy and thrive in that lifestyle. That’s the case for the Aviles family, who went from a 2,700 square foot sticks and bricks home to a 314 square foot RV so they could travel.

In 2019, they travelled over 6,000 miles, and put in another 8k in 2020! While they do plan to eventually build another home, it’s clear this minimalist experiment has forever changed them for the better. Plus their two kids have seen so much of the country they might have never seen if they stayed at home.

They did a ton of work on their 1996 Winnebago to make it a boho-chic home that reflects their personalities and works with their lifestyle. Enjoy the photos below and be sure to read our Q&A with mom, Aubrey, below!

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They Put 8K Miles on Their RV Home in 2020!!

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