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Now here’s a downsizing story for you! This amazing family of 5 bought their 7,000 foot dream home after the dad’s military retirement, when a visitor from Denmark and sudden illness inspired them to make a change. Within 10 days they put their giant home on the market and moved into a 1,200 square foot Airbnb.

That’s when they started sailboat-shopping, at last landing on a new-to-them Leopard 48 Catamaran which has even less square footage than their Airbnb. Now the family is spending more time together than ever during their sabbatical year on the sea.

Where will life take them next? Who knows! But for now they are finding that having less space truly does equal more family time. I love seeing people intentionally choose to downsize and minimize, because it shows that we can all benefit from tinier living, even if we could afford to go bigger to keep up with the Joneses.

Mom, Julie, shared their full story at the end of the photo tour below. Don’t miss it!

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Family of 5 Intentionally Downsize from 7,000 Square Feet!

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