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Here’s another family proving you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck to afford a pricey mortgage on a large home! They downsized from 2,500 square feet and have been living in an RV for two years now. In 2020 alone, they saved $30,000!

Mom Shannon says they won’t live in an RV forever, but it’s allowed them to follow her husband’s military jobs across the country, as well as travel with the family and sightsee all over the United States. They have far more time together, and are learning how to live minimally.

She’s done some beautiful work renovating their RV to make it feel more like their home, and we got to interview her about her tiny life! Be sure to read the Q&A after the photo tour below. And follow the family on Instagram here.

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Full-Time RV Life with 3 Kids

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