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Jordan and Scotty had a 2,200 square foot home on 10 acres of land, but were killing themselves trying to afford that lifestyle. So they bought an RV and made it home, and in the first year saved about $13,000!

The couple have five kids (3 full time, 2 they share custody of) in their amazing RV renovation, parked on Jordan’s mother’s land. They’ve lived tiny for 2 years now, and plan to continue doing so until they can afford to build a home.

I love their story because it shows that sometimes radical tiny living can be a temporary solution to living life with less financial stress. Even if you don’t plan on having 7 people in under 400 square feet forever, it might help you reach other goals! We got to interview Jordan, so be sure to read that Q&A at the end of the post. Follow the family on Instagram here.

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Seven People Living in an RV Saving for a Home

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