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When Alaska experienced an economic downturn there were lots of lost jobs and homes. In 2010 the opportunity came for this couple to buy a plot of land outside of Fairbanks. So they did.

Since they had a small land payment they decided to start building their own tiny home of about 264 sq. ft. (12×16) little by little without a mortgage. In fact, one of the first things they did was pitch a tent and start the building process.

After two years they decided to expand the cottage to about 520 sq. ft. Today it boasts a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. It took them about two years to build and around $20,000 in costs. All of the hard work is paying off for the couple since today they live mortgage-free and rent-free. And they can be proud of what they built.

Couple’s DIY Simple Life in a Tiny Home in Alaska


Images © VickisGarden

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