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See how this 25 year old man, Robin Raindropcatcher, moved into a van that he converted into a mobile shelter after losing his job.

Now while living in only 50 sq. ft. he shares what it’s like living in his van, his struggles, hopes, and more, as Kirsten Dirksen and the team at Faircompanies takes us into his life.

Please enjoy and re-share Robin and his cheap RV living lifestyle below. Thank you.

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25 Year Old’s Van Dwelling Lifestyle


Images © Faircompanies

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I thought you’d like to tour Karen’s 265 sq. ft. backyard cottage in Berkeley, CA.

Karen originally intended to use her backyard tiny house for her own personal use but she soon realized renting it out would be a great way to earn extra income.

As you walk onto the front porch and through the french doors to go inside you are greeted by the living area, kitchen and bathroom. And when you go upstairs you have the sleeping loft with storage cabinets.

Karen had New Avenue Homes build this tiny cottage for her right in her backyard. Below you can take a full video tour of the backyard cottage filmed by our friends at Fair Companies.

Tiny Backyard Cottage for Extra Income and Asset-Building


Images © New Avenue Homes

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Two Tiny NYC Apartments by Laura LaVoie

As someone who lives in a tiny house, I am very familiar with that look of horror and the question of  “how can you live in a space so small?”

Sometimes it isn’t worth answering but it depends on who’s asking. I think from now on I’m going to answer by reminding them that people have been living in tiny spaces for a long time and many even smaller than our 120 square foot home. When they continue to be incredulous I will point them to the mythical land known as New York City.

I am sure there are plenty renters in tiny NYC apartments who would look at my tiny house in the mountains as a luxurious estate. Back in 2010 Fair Companies produced a video about Felice Cohen who showcased her 90 square foot apartment in the city. When I saw this video it was early in our own building project and I was inspired by her tiny apartment. In fact, we took the idea of curtains for closet doors and applied it to our home.

Watch the video tour below along with an even tinier New York City apartment:

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