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You asked for it, and Wilderwise made it! A tiny house with a full second story that pops up when the tiny home is stationary. Once lowered, it can be towed without a special permit, making it a great option for anyone who needs a comfortable bedroom but plans to move often.

To date, your only options for headroom in the bedroom were longer (and often wider) tiny house on wheels with ground-floor bedrooms that required special permits to move. Or maybe a gooseneck trailer. But now you get an easily-movable tiny house on wheels and a full second story. What do you think?

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Tiny House on Wheels with Full Second Story

Wilderwise THOW w Collapsing Second Story 4

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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Ingenuity is transforming the concept of mobile living as more and more people globally are looking to downsize. Whether considering downsizing for health reasons, ecological reasons, retirement reasons, or simply a lifestyle change, designers like Mehdi Hidari Badie are allowing people to achieve luxury living in the smallest of homes. Badie’s intricate modern mobile home design offers comfort, style, and sustainability by using inventive small-space solutions while preserving the ease of travel.

Mehdi Hidari Badie’s creative design consists of an assortment of steel, aluminum, recycled plastics, and thermoplastic insulation reducing the economic impact of the build. The home itself is powered by a solar panel system to provide electricity to a comfortable and functional living area encompassed with your very own private deck. Its expansive concept, sleek exterior paneling, and architectural style make it unrecognizable as a mobile home once it’s been unfolded.

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Expanding Solar Tiny Home on Wheels


Images © Mehdi Hidari Badie

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