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I’ve never been more excited to show you a tiny home before! Introducing the “Incred-I-Box” — an 8×16 tiny house on wheels that requires *no* DIY to live in it for just $25,000. Truly affordable — and comfortable — housing.

These homes will be made on an assembly line and won’t come with any modifications — what you see is what you get. But the house, built from Engineered Steel Panels, is fully wired and plumbed and ready to live in! Randy, the owner of Incredible Tiny Homes, lives in one of these, and at the end of the video below, he shows you what a little bit of paint and decor can do to take this bare box and make it feel like a home.

They start production of the homes in February, and if you purchase by Dec. 31, 2021, you can buy it for that $20,000 price tag. Come January, it will go up to $25,000, which is still such a deal especially when everything right now costs more and more!

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Affordable, 128-sq.-ft., ESP-Built, Assembly-Line Tiny Home on Wheels by Incredible Tiny Homes

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