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I always enjoy getting to see a tiny house model that’s lived-in! We show off a lot of gorgeous, hot-off-the-press Escape models, but this one is extra special because Tyler has made it hers with artwork, plants, and mementos. She was trying to buy a home and put in multiple offers, but it all fell through.

That’s when she found this Escape Boho model that another family was selling after using it as an Airbnb. She found her awesome wooded spot at Cranmore Meadows in North Carolina, and she is building a life for herself and her cat. At first, she felt like it was selfish to go tiny, but now she is finding she has more time to give than when she worked her traditional job. What do you think of her home sweet home?

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Tyler’s Secondhand Escape Boho Tiny House

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This is the New York Boho ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation in Queens. If you love New York, and you’ve ever wanted to try out the new Boho tiny house from ESCAPE, this could be the perfect experience for you.

When you step inside, it’s like you’re in a tiny studio cabin/apartment. You have loads of windows and storage to go with your comfortable queen bed which is on the main level, a cozy couch, fold-up table, kitchen, and your bathroom. You can learn more about the Boho tiny house and even get a custom quote for your own over at their website.

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Boho ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation in Queens, New York

New York Boho ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation in Queens 001

Images via Dan/Airbnb

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