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Paula, a single mom, owns a 5-bedroom home. Her son was just about to leave the house, and she realized the transition into empty-nesting was going to be really hard on her. She ended up down the #vanlife rabbit hole and found herself intrigued. Thankfully, her younger brother helped push her to pursue her dream instead of talking herself out of it.

Now Paula owns a beautiful ambulance camper that she converted with the help of friends and family. It has her bed, a comfy couch, a compact kitchenette with flip-up desk, and even a shower/toilet. As her little legacy, she posts on YouTube about her travels and enjoys seeing the country. She’s just about ready to sell her “real house” since she’s realized none of that stuff is bringing her joy anymore!

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Van Vida: Her Ambulance Conversion w/ Shower

Single Mom & Empty Nester’s DIY Ambulance Conversion. 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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