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This is the Elise model, handcrafted by the tiny house geniuses at Vagabond Haven in Sweden. It’s about 25.5 feet long, but packs in not only an adult loft, but a kids’ bedroom beneath the living room! What a fun layout that really maximizes the space in a tiny home.

In addition to the sleeping areas, Elise has a fully-functional kitchen with an oven and stovetop, as well as a great bathroom with a shower, composting toilet, and washer.

Turnkey, the home costs 48,000 EUR (or ~$57,000). You can even tow Elise with a normal car (and proper license), making it easy to transport to her new home! Contact the builder here.

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This Vagabond Haven Tiny Can Sleep 6!

Elise Model 1

Images via Vagabond Haven

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