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We shared the original Ecocapsule with you years ago, but here’s her daughter — SPACE — a micro 68-square-foot off-grid unit that makes a great stand-alone office, guest room, or addition to the larger Ecocapsule.

It has fiberglass and steel construction, with customizable exterior colors. Inside is a mixture of laminate and plywood for a sleek modern finish.

The basic model starts at $56,000, and is 15×7 feet. It’s just 8 feet tall, and weighs 3,000 pounds. What do you think?

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Off-Grid Ecocapsule SPACE!

Ecocapsule SPACE

Images via Ecocapsule

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This modern off grid tiny house is powered by solar and wind. It’s called the Ecocapsule.

It’s a creation of a Slovakian company called Nice Architects and it’s designed to house up to two adults.

Inside you’ll even find a kitchenette, toilet, shower, and it all fits in a 14.6′ long by 7.4′ wide structure. Please enjoy the tour, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Modern Off Grid Tiny House Powered by Solar and Wind

Modern Off Grid Tiny House Powered by Solar and Wind Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

Images © EcoCapsule/NiceArchitects

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