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This is Taylor & Steph’s Incredible 560 Sq. Ft. Earthship Home in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.

The couple built their home out of recycled materials in a way that’s sustainable and good for the environment. They had no construction skills, lived off-grid for a long time and managed to do it with less than $10,000. They’ve even shared their journey and explained the concept of Earthship Homes via a photo book. So they started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds for printing. Be sure to head over there, watch their inspirational video, and consider getting your own copy of “Nomadic Roots.” which is now available on Amazon (affiliate link).

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Taylor & Steph’s $10k Earthship Home

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Have you heard about the construction of Florida’s first Earthship? It is being built on a 10 acre property in Myakka City, Florida that is zoned for agriculture. They have plans to educate and involve people on natural building, permaculture, zero energy construction, and sustainable technology.

There are also ideas in the works to integrate shipping container houses, solar powered domes, and more. The tires were collected locally and the dirt to fill them was dug out of the property itself which is now a wonderful looking pond. In the center of the home there are wetlands that recycle greywater and grows food producing plants. This water is also used for toilet flushing. You’ll learn more about this in the video from Bryan Roberts the Earthship General Contractor.

Florida Earthship Project – The State’s First?

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