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Purposely Lost is an amazing woodland retreat space in Sandford, Maine where you can stay in one of three treehouses or one of two “Hobbit” houses. This underground home, pictured below, is a stunning blend of cozy and luxurious, with warm wood tones, leather accents, and stonework.

The home looks like a hill from the outside, with moss and mud surrounding the doors and windows. But when you enter, it’s anything but dingy and dirty! Instead, the comfortable space is outfitted with a full kitchen, a full bathroom (with a tiled shower stall!), and a gorgeous stone (electric) fireplace. Could you live in this space?

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Private Patio, Stone Staircase & Luxury Finishes

Warm and Inviting Underground Home

Images via Airbnb/Bryce

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Meet Earthship Ironbank: The first building-code-approved Earthship in Australia!

Martin & Zoe, along with a team of 60 volunteers, constructed this eco-friendly home inspired by the work of Mark Reynolds, who started the “Earthship” movement (lLearn more about Earthship architecture here). Martin went through the trouble of getting it “council-approved” by the building authorities in Australia, to show that it could be done. This is a 750 square-foot structure built primarily from recycled tires filled with earth, and coated in cement. You’ll notice stunning recycled bottle walls all over the home. You can book a tour of the Earthship, or better yet, you can vacation there via Airbnb!

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Stay in a Small Australian Earthship!

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