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I wanted to let you know that my friend Mariah of Comet Camper is hosting a Tiny Transition Downsizing e-course that you’re invited to take part in.

So if you’re thinking about moving into a tiny house, studio, RV, or any other small space you might want to consider this course.

The course is based on Mariah’s experience in downsizing as well as helping her students downsize too.

It’s based on common challenges you might experience and the course leaves you with methods that help you figure everything out faster.

You’ll also be in a supportive environment since there are others who will be taking the course too that you can share your experiences with (and listen in on, too).

Tiny Transition & Downsizing e-Course with Mariah


Learn how this downsizing e-course can help you move towards a better life (designed by you) below:

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