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This is a recently-built 28′ Kootenay by TruForm Tiny that reminded me of a modern cottage on wheels!

The Kootenay can be customized to your needs, and this one includes a downstairs queen bedroom/living room area as well as a queen-sized loft. Between the desk/office in the loft and the sleek cottage decor and color scheme in this tiny home, I’m in love!

Get all the details and contact information for the builder below the pictures. Enjoy!

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28′ Kootenay Modern Cottage THOW

Images via TruForm Tiny

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This is the a Tiny House on Wheels by Liberty Cabins that features the much-desired downstairs bedroom.

The home also has a loft accessible by a standard ladder, but for those wary of climbing up and down all the time, you can sneak to the back of the house where you’ll find the cozy bedroom, complete with a TV! In the bathroom there’s a residential toilet and standard shower stall, and the living room includes a great couch and a table that doubles as workspace.

Enjoy the pictures below and take the video tour on the last page! You’ll find contact information for the builder there, too.

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Tiny House on Wheels with Downstairs Bedroom by Liberty Cabins

Images via Liberty Cabins

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This is a Pre-Owned Escape Vintage that’s currently for sale (it’s sold!) from Peter in Virginia Beach.

The Vintage has gotten rave reviews from many of our readers, and here’s a chance to get one at a discount! Get more details about the Vintage on Escape’s website.

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Pre-Owned Escape Vintage For Sale

Images via Peter

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This is Rebecca Froelich’s Modern Shed Tiny Cottage in California.

She purchased a pre-fabricated home from Modern Shed and transformed it into this backyard guest cottage that’s just stunning. The little space clocks in at 364 square feet and features a huge deck for lounging and entertaining. Read the full article on Apartment Therapy.

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364 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny Cottage in California

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